Sunday, March 07, 2010

Art, Life and the stuff in between

51/2 x 6 inch book with handmade, stamped and painted papers.

Been sitting on the computer posting in the Artist way and just thinking about life and what's ahead. The husband is busy as usually doing his loving and caring... I have a road trip planned to this week to Madison Wisc. to check out Whispering Woodlands a retreat to nature for the creative minds... sounds so great... I'm looking into the space and size of things for a possible workshop in the fall or next year... Change is in the air as of venturing out a bit to see what else there is.. Today I'll be at the Midwest Collage Society meeting we are making our own Coptic stitch books with Ann Hupke.. I had got out to Ann's house in Indiana a few years back and she taught me how to do it... I had to give it a try last night to see if I could remember... I seem to make one year and I know I forgot some of the ways to do things but I'll pick it up today... I just love the feel of them and the way they open up.. it should be a great meeting... some business, some words and the fun will begin with the act of creating... Can't wait. Well been sitting way to long and need to move my rear end off the stool and on to the day at hand...

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  1. Amazing that you give it a try and come up with such a great little book so quickly! Good vibes flowing!


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