Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Art Life and the good stuff inbetween

On Monday I ran out later in the afternoon to submit my CD and info to the North Central College of Naperville, they have two areas for exhibiting and their taking submission now till April 15th so I got mine out before hand... I thought it was March 15th and I had wanted to give it time to get there... silly me, it's April 15th..well I'm ahead of the game.... Today I need to get my paper work together for the road trip up to Madison area actually Verona...The Whispering Woodlands I think my father in law had relative up there... well have to ask my mother in law tonight when she comes for dinner. I also need to make some stained tissue paper for my #8 series of 13 moons.. funny it has to do with the Wisconsin area of Native Americans and the rice they've grown... it seem the series has sat on the way side way to long... with teaching and workshops etc(bring in some $) I've had to put my own personal art down... but it's calling again and I'm thankful for that. I have lots of paper but not the right colors... (Plan to be in studio today...) I also need to take another look at the gallery The Flying Pig to see about submitting work to them it's also in Wisc...Green Bay area.. I'm starting to get the feeling that Wisconsin area might be my direction I'm to head in.... which isn't a bad direction at all, I do love the country up there.... In my youth it was summer occurrence to be walking on that part of the earth.
So with a full list of things to do... I was grateful to get into the woods yesterday. They the woodsmen have been clearing the invasive plants and brush so that the new generation of oaks will get their chance to spread roots and grow.. there are many beautiful old oaks out there that when they fall which they will some day there aren't many young ones to take over so the maintenance the woodsmen do is to ensure the forest will be there for my grandchildren and more.. So with the openness that is out there now brown and barely any green you can see the lay of the land so beautiful.. the path was a bit mucky but I had my hiking boots and my walking poles and I made my mark out there. As I was walking the sounds grow upon me... the Sand Hill Cranes are migrating back up north now and we/forest and me got a wonderful view of them circling and seeking the thermal, wind circles to then guide them on their smooth path.. I just get these awesome feeling of connection when I'm there and witnessing this... Breathed in deep and continued my walking. The one neighbor that lives closes to the woods, which I would love to be has a bit of an attitude...kind of negative... you know the kind when you say there doing a nice job of clearing out there and really opening up the woods.. he responds with their just taking it way the woods that is.... I guess it depends on how you look at it... half full or half empty. At the present the woods will look not like it does normally but give a few years and it will grow back even better... Hmm has me thinking about the spring cleaning and keeping thing in balance some what... and it's such a nice place.. so I continue to walk and say a little thought to help him see better the beauty that is out there all around him and I walk forward.. My pants were all splattered with the pea graveled water /mud and felt much better too. On to live this day as full as I can...

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  1. Seems just like yesterday we were watching for their migration. The long hard winter is now past and the woods taking on a new smell of rebirth. Just walking with ya!


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