Thursday, February 25, 2010

Photo's from Class on Tuesday and Art Diaries-4Art

This little diddy is from the next Art Diaries entry at 4Artinc.. I need to put a move on this so I can get the Cd and application sent out today to see if I'm accepted or now.. then I bring the work and pick up my other one.. I'm hoping to get nice little collection started as I'm sure Robin at 4Artinc does too. The small format of art is to be like a diary enter but with visual content instead of words. Infringing on Reality- 4 x 4 collage,
My piece was created to remind me not to get bound in by the outside influence that can crush your my soul. Nature is a very important part of my life, it helps me stay in balance with all that is of this reality world we live in. I'm reminded to take flight to my own song and to sing it strongly and proudly.

Lori's collage work, I total her I would like to see more of the flower one with the book pages.. something like a series...

Kim's pieces.. the tree one and the Red one with the roses are very powerful piece.

Gerri was a very busy one with wonderful rich piece and loving her exploratory attitude with collage.. she's written a book with another artist which would come out shortly and just got another OK to start writing a new one on painting and mixed media. sounds great.

Martiza is a teacher at Naperville art league and is really enjoy the process and loving the interchanging of the visual voice.

Sharon has a show of her quilts up now and she was learning how to bring in the quilting with the collaging which works well together as you can see by the finished piece.

Students in the process of laying out their compositions. We had a make up day there because two Tuesday's ago we had a large snow storm come through and I just didn't want to risk it... so here we are.. the class was fill with learning how to sure different mediums and collage, combining them together.. some worked and some didn't but we now know how they work and what we can do with them and if you keep exploring good things are bound to happen.
Well off to do some computer work as of send stuff to go on line to the Napeville art league and also to get some thing ready to send out for other shows... also need to finish my supply list so I can post that on the sites...busy work but so important to be on top of..
I would like to fit in a little baking for Saturday's workshop and some studio I think I can do it..?sure I can.


  1. Great little art diaries piece! Looks like a group of very inspiring women to be working with!

  2. I can't wait Laura for your submission to the next show, everyone has really loved the exhibit. If you know of artists who are interested in submitting please pass it on!!

  3. Kimkarlene12:15 PM

    Laura what a wonderful post. I just glued myself to the screen and looked at all the images. I bet the class just hummed with joy as the ladies worked on their pieces. Do you have music playing or is it quiet?


  4. Kimkarlene12:22 PM

    Oh by the way...I forgot to mention your 4 x 4 piece. I love it!!... There is something special about me they are uplifting and they create an red is my favorite color. Your piece is wonderful!!


  5. thanks all~ And yes we had a great group of inspiring new artists..


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