Tuesday, February 16, 2010

OMGosh 8hours in the studio

SpiritWalker.. Accepted in Swedish Covenant Hospital's Dream of Healing Arts.
all the container will be brought to the workshop, with large screens for drying racks and my supplies, plus I almost forgot the magazines!!

Filled up my bottles to use during the time we are together plus I'll bring a gallon jug of the polymer just in case we run out.. never know always good to be prepared.

Packet put together with color print outs, image transfer sheets and a small wax baggie filled with goods.

Sand paper to use, soft rag for image transfers, Hot foil in gold and silver and the intention card.

In the back of the packet is the watercolor substrates used in the workshop and the exercise sample baggie which will be done on day two.

Color pages on "How to for the different collage papers we will make and alter.

Front of Packet.

Well I started early and headed up to the studio yesterday around 8 and didn't come down till 5:00 , but for lunch and to buy more gesso...I was up there for 8 hours... sounds so crazy but I was packing for the workshop this weekend and I wanted to go over things and make sure I replenished my supplies as I have another workshop in April so... filled my containers and I also had to get the exercise material ready as of coating the image transfer three times as so on day two we can begin with a simple exercise and ease in to the collaging with the heat seal iron.

I also coated papers for the ICE pieces I'm trying to get done too. Just so much great stuff happening.. Pinch me!!!

I will be heading out to lunch today at the Bountiful Cafe and hopefully a sale of piece of art. I need to bring in a replacement for it as I have about two more weeks before I take the show down... I might have one that will replace that... if not an odd ball with fill it. Then I received an email that one of my three pieces I submitted was selected to the Swedish Covenant Hospital's Dreams of Healing Art show.. I didn't receive an artist award for the three piece in New York but things just keep happening and nothing to do but do and be oh so grateful for the path set out in front of me...

Still a little more to tend to as of packing the Magazines and cleaning now the studio and getting ready for class on Friday. Busy.. busy.. busy.. but all a good busy... Sun's shinning too so it makes it all better.


  1. Laura, you are a Woman-On-The-Go! Always writing, collaging, showing, teaching, driving....I am always amazed at how much you do. I can see why your quiet walks are so important to you. Love this collage--perfect place to display it.

  2. Thanks Marge good to hear from you. Yes some things are happening now and I ~v~

  3. Yep, congrats! It is a great piece! And congrats on the sale too! Spring thaw is coming!


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