Sunday, February 07, 2010

My Dailyness in Quesiton?

Well with early morning steadiness I accomplished the taxes and there done... our son and I sat and finished his... Him doing most of the work and My youngest daughter had to go do her volunteer time for class in Human Resources so I worked on her for her but she'll need to go over them. The two other will be later.... Been feeling a bit overwhelmed with things but making it through....Kind of like a good storm it always passes and thankful for that. I read my Daily Horoscope and just was floored by it's very positiveness... I really like the Daily OM ones best, they really seem to touch base or is it the nail on the head.... But in my Morning pages of journal writing I do it totally amazes me when I'm done and read my Horoscope how much it is connected.. Just too cool. Well needing to post on another blog and pack up for the All Day workday with the Midwest Collage Society... it falls on Super Bowl Sunday for us people so we like it to be away and creating... Join us at and keep in touch good things are happening all around..


  1. My taxes need doing. Procrastinating? Naw. Everything competing for my attention.

  2. Oh you are busy! And then you wonder why you feel like you do. But good things always come to you. I have no doubt.

  3. Doris, totally understand all the duties competing for the attention... that's where I like to follow what my kids do and do nothing...

    Yes Elena, I guess I pride myself on being my own task master... crazy as it seems it does give me a thrill most times but not when a train is about to crash on the emo-ride is fun... well so glad that's passed now to the new beginnings.

    cycles, change and compassion three C words of life.


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