Thursday, February 11, 2010

Meeting went well for the "Make your Mark" Journal project...

I was able to present the journal project proposal to Dick Blick's store manager with the support and some good friends help, Eve and Nancy yesterday. Thing is we went at 10:00am as confirmed a week ago and the time slipped the managers mind so then we set up to come back at 2:00pm. I really think it was the way it was to be as I was a lot calmer and had time to think and prepare and also the gals that came with had some other great ideas if this didn't work out... So now the Project "Make your Mark" is in the store managers hands and we will wait till Tuesday to hear back on this... First time doing it and glad I did... good learning experience... So grateful for the gals that came with for support... During the time that we had to wait in between the meeting we all went back home and work and regrouped I used my time wisely and ate a good lunch and spent some time in the studio...
Now today plans are to walk in the deep snow and get a good work out and have a homestead day of studio, visiting with mother in law and just being present to the every changing moments.

and some good thoughts and prayer for a dear friends sister in Australia... Hugs Uta...
and make me teachable today~


  1. Hmmm. That would have freaked me out, so distant a trip for me. Maybe to call and confirm appointment ahead of time.

  2. Yes need to learn to do that more often.. it's what Eve Said too.. Learn from mistakes.


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