Wednesday, February 03, 2010

List a mile long... and trying to stay in today

All of a sudden I got a case of the "Overwehlmers" I get myself there now and then and I do know why and how... all the months chores, jobs, demands, and deadlines loom in on me and I stupidly think I've got to handle it all in one day.... good thing I realize I'm doing this and can pull over and open the door and put my foot out on the curb to ground myself.... Juggling the homestead, which I love to do, and juggling the needs of a life's passion and job has me going a bit goofy sometimes and the later in life hormones don't always cooperate... So what do you do... I'm looking at my list for the day and it was like way too out there with one two many things going on... not that I can't do them but more so....slow down there Little lady... I need to tell myself that.. getting caught up in the high of doing and forgetting to breath is a big event... So I ground myself in the dailiness of the things I need to do for me to be happy now... and the rest seems to work out... I am so important and I so need to take care of my needs first... which is those homestead/husbandry things..... Mind, body and spirit... it's all good...just thought I share a bit of the crazy's with you all... now make the bed... I hear if you don't make you bed you have a crappy day planned already for yourself... so need to be on that and breakfast and a walk in the woods to home and studio and a few computer business stuff later. Oh I think it's mom's turn to cook tonight... we switched to Wednesday for a little while as I'm taking a computer class on Monday's...


  1. You always know how, when, to pull in the reins of your emotions. Cool.

  2. Driven to success will burn you out! Ease up on yourself!

  3. it's called committments, as of some months they gang up on me. And I just won't accept the word burned out maybe being a responsibility nut would be more like it... being kind to myself.

    and some things again are hard to let go of...



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