Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In my PJ's till 12 noon yesterday

I don't know what happened but the call to the studio was strong...didn't pick up the homestead and organize things...I didn't even make my bed.. I didn't even get out of my PJ's till 12-noon....I went to the studio..I had dumped some of the supplies I wouldn't be using for the second half of my workshop this Saturday so I needed to put those away and then I received a new product to try on magazines and had to play... Time flow by and I had about 30 sheets of some great papers and I even pull out some tools..saw and hammer and worked on a piece for the next Art Diaries show coming up at 4Arts inc.... I had a 5" x 5" panel that I did aa an exercise, cut it down to 4 x 4 and just went at it.... Before I knew it the hubby was coming home from plowing and I felt a bit ridiculous coming down from the studio still in my PJ's but what the heck the moment was calling and I had to slip in a quickie up there...
Trip into the city went well.. nice and smooth dropped off my art and headed home to pick up some chicken for the family...I treated myself to shrimp and then I was quickly doing my photo shop homework and heading out the door for class... One more class left..can't believe it..Lots to do and some funny funky things learned..

Well now is the time I need to jump in the shower and pack up for the make up class today in Naperville... And I need to see if my Artistic Conversation class is picking up any students...Start March 2nd. I need to have at lest 4 people for it to go...so off and on with the day..
Living fully and with bliss


  1. I had a morning like that yesterday too! In my pajamas all morning, until I had to get ready to go to calligraphy class at 1. A good day!

  2. I love when you describe your days like this...you remind me of the excitement of kids opening xmas gifts.

  3. Sounds like a quickie turned into an all day affair!


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