Friday, February 05, 2010

A few piece you might not have seen....

I laid this piece out in my Tuesday's class we talked about picking your palette and bring it all together and that sometime the intuitive process kicks in and you go with it, well that's in collage but I'm sure when you get the point in most art mediums you begin to understand it and trust it and you start to allow the intuition to step in and lead the way. I will be working on some more strawberries here and there.. But for the most part Eddie's Strawberries is almost complete.

20/20 Vision, Assemblage, sent in yesterday for Spring submission for the Waterstreet Studio Gallery. Old Medicine cabinet with handmade and found papers, a pair of old reading glasses and of course my crow buddy.

Loopholes-Assemblage, Bigger piece I think it's about 19 x 35 and about 4 inches deep. It's a Desk draw used a frame for the collage on canvas. I have two more desk drawers... glad I pulled this piece out to take some fresh shots of them.

Oh my favorite of the assemblage bunch.. Creative lifelines. Old drafting box, old paint brush and typing eraser and some old game piece, which most of it was found at a junket shop in Lemont IL... too cool.. this piece was also in a Education book for High school students, published by National Geographic education department... for bilingual. small piece 1.5 x 8.5 x 9.5

The Kraft wooden cheese box was used for this, and other favorite of mine... I really like to make this assemblages and I have the tools and play to get back into it soon. 3 x 3 x 13

Numbers Connected.. 5 x 5 collage made in Tuesday's class, using joint compound for the embossed section of the collage and some of my collage papers I made and a image transfer with the numbers.
So now I'm getting the body moving to head out the door for class I need to get my slow cooker going and fit in a shower first... I think I as best bust a move on things don't you think?


  1. these are all wonderful, but Loopholes is my favorite.

  2. There's story with loopholes I'll have to share later. Thanks Mary

  3. I never saw Loopholes before either. Great piece!

  4. It's a few years older then the rest... time to bring it out as of more accepting now.. they say artist create before their times and this is one I did a while back after reading a book about Robert Rauschenberg.. what a cool artist.


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