Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day after the workshop

So all went well... participates walked away with some finished works and happy and exicted... with the need to move out of the build because of the use of an different event. I was busy helping cut the tape off of the finished piece I was not able to get any photo's. I did here that it was a bit much for the two days... that I should have three day's instead...Well for a Saturday to Saturday workshop it would be hard to take another Saturday... if I would do a three day workshop or four then it would be in a row... So's my down day..hanging out with the family in the homestead... I will be sitting at the computer moving my files around.. You see it's a goal to finish this process for my Web Ranger so that she can finish her part in the next couple of weeks. And today's the last day... so with relaxing and just hanging out I'll hopeful finish that.
Next will be to look at the galleries and sending out some images for the fall of this year.

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  1. Saturday classes are very hard. They open up opportunities to many not available during the week, but you need some down days too.


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