Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Class today and reflection on a good walk in the woods

I got sided track on some paper work and filing and deciding what direction to go in for the next month or so as of opportunities to enter a few more shows come up as the months pass by. I'm needing really to do the important stuff that is move information to a file, resume, photo's and etc. so that my web ranger can do her stuff... when was it I had started this project of getting a new web design??? back in Oct of 2009... this is the kind of stuff I'm not gentle on myself about... it's been eating at me and now I have the darn note hung off my computer screen just getting in the way of everything, with my list of stuff to do... I don't normal procrastinate but on this stuff I do... I have to at lest move the information over then pass it along to her-my web rangeress.

I did work on some stuff in the studio.... always feels so great to be there... a certain flowing feeling was upon me and I went with it. I was also gathering a palette of papers to use in class today, as we are beginning on Canvas and bringing what ever we would like to that canvas. It will be a good class, as they start working on their own pieces. We will have a bit of a warm up time but other wise we will get a good start and then move on to clay board... I might even have them do a few ATC's or finish up a few samples sheets we didn't finish last week.

I managed to fit my walk in yesterday and it was delightful as I come across a few regular walkers and I wasn't sure but the one gentleman's name was Rick I thought and thankful I remembered. He has a Brittany Spaniel and he's retired now and lives in the first house where the path begins... I park my van... I thought about it I've been walking there for about 4 now going on 5 years... long time to see the same people again and again... So you get to kind of know them and we had a very nice chat about the woods there and how many big bucks he's seen and all the special spots. And after I finished and was driving away I saw Aldo, He came out to get his mail... so sweet, tan and was wearing his Barber regalia...Said hi... found out he and his wife just got back from Florida.. no wonder they are all tan and refreshed. You know every time I encounter a friendly soul out there it's always a good feeling. I do enjoy my solitude of my walks but the nice little welcoming hi 's are the icing on the cake.

So off to class, Oh my computer class is getting hard... I almost... no really...felt very overwhelmed with all the steps but it will help if I do my homework more often this week then the day of class... shame on me.... had to call on the oldest, my web rangeress for help... But I'm learning and making many mistakes, frustrating but I'm doing it... not giving up!

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