Monday, February 15, 2010

all day studio

I have today to be in the studio.... the last few days I've been gathering...oh I love this part of preparing for a workshop..I get to go out and restock some things that I run out of fast in the workshop paper towels, rubber gloves, drop clothes, sand paper, styro foam plates for palettes and some baby wipes. And today I'll be gather all other papers used and packing for Saturday... I seem to start early cause being the head cook and bottle washer in the homestead something else always comes up and when the workshop finally comes I'm so thankful I packed earlier and I was ready.
I've been tending to some homestead chores of cleaning the big fish tank in the kitchen...yes that right in my Oscars swimming relaxing.. and I had to clean that pantry. I'd been talking about doing it a couple of days ago but yesterday was the day...With a family of 6 and all young adults they seem to purchase etc stuff and leave it in there and we had a stock pile of their personal munchies... But the darn little dry good moths made a colony in there and I'm so glad I took care of then cause it was going to get over crowded in there shortly and the kitty-Sophie would behaving a ball chasing aroung the little buggers..

Well now that, that was all done andI wasn't sure if I would go to the Opening Reception at the Norris Gallery but I did go and it was a good thing... I ran into Becky Blaine head of the IEA and on the board of the Norris Gallery and she let me know that the MCS were invited to have a exhibit this June and July... I couldn't believe it... so we chatted and Tania had come in then and we were able to ask some great questions but before we say yes to it we need to know what the group would like to do... it would mean we would have to start working on that now.. So wild how things work out... so I'll be waiting to hear from the Ex. Board on this on...

The hubby gave of himself yesterday for his brother who had some major surgery and can't go back to work for 4 more weeks and things are not good financal so his Valentines was spent helping repair a car, which needs more work as they found out the water pump is shot too. So a new project over there... My son's chopper will have to wait a few more days before his father gets back to give him a hand...
We ended with a nice dinner and relaxing evening... all is good.


  1. Good to hear after our chat getting chopped up in cyber space. All is good!

  2. A good day -lots accomplished!


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