Saturday, January 23, 2010

The weekend is here~

Mary Beth is showing us the molding paste effect on a collage and acrylic layer sample. She has just smoothed over the molding paste on the stencil and pulled it off. Later she may come back into the piece and add acrylics glazing to enhance the raised sections.
This is Nancy's, newer student from class, she barrowed Mary Beth's beautiful stencil on her's.. I know I was eyeballing the stencil myself...loving the oak leaves nd the acorns... Just to point out the Auto Trader magazine below is just used as a work a old telephone book you can flip a new page over when you've done slop up the you have. Clean surface to work on. Makes a different when your working with so many different mediums.

Melinda is really excited about this process, she is using a fun circle stencil from Barb... We are just a happy bunch in my classes... the sharing goes on all over the place.

I belive this is Jeanne's samples. We did 8 of them which we are also doing in my Naperville class but we have a long time to be with each other and will have more time for things to dry so we will work with the different mediums too. ( forgive me if I get the names mixed up still getting to know all of the students)

Pam's samples, we are excited as of Pam said she would share with us some of the Faux finishing products she used to create textures... Well I'm really excited about it..

Barb is working on where she would like her stencil to go before she uses the molding paste over her sample sheet.

Eve had us all in awe over the adding of the Glitter on the Molding paste she added... we were all giving it a try. Can't wait till next week to see them all dry and then the fun begins as we get to work back into these sample sheets-140lb watercolor 8 x 8 in size.

It's the beginning of the weekend, grateful for that as it's been a heck of busy two weeks on my schedule but made it though and didn't over eat about it.... something I seem to do when stressed so accomplishment are made.

Classes are starting off to some good starts... I woke up this morning and thought what can be for the next classes... Oh... I need to think about that so I can get it read to go and promote as needed... but not today.

I have a meeting this morning with a few other people about a journal/sketchbook project to take place at Lagrange Art League, we won't lauch it till say June or July but we are planning it now...takes time and everyone has there own life agendas so we are moving at a great pace but not overwhelming ourselves. Should be a good meeting as we will be picking a title for the project and getting the mock up journal ready to bring to Dick Blick for support if they would like to help us and be part of the joined venture... New approaches for me but we have some great people interested in this so I'm sure it will be a good thing.


  1. Wow, I wonder where those stencils can be bought? I see a nice one on Eve's table too...

  2. drop by and tell me all the new things I can try!

  3. Marge, just been keeping my eye's open where ever I go and find them in the clearence lisles and with books too.

    Joy, good to here from you. started my 13 for Dale but need to get back into them... between classes and home hard to handle it all. but making progess good to see your stuff on like too. Been busy lady.


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