Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day in the Studio

I will be hanging out in my studio today as I've got to make some sample sheet for my class on Friday as I've used up all the ones in my Tuesday's class... Found image also for the sample piece I would like to show the class on Friday with some of the paper from the Paper bundles in there and the textures we have been playing with. And I'm a bit block by section in my #7 piece... I really think it all the distraction I've been adding to my daily schedule instead of facing that darn fear and just doing it.... Just a normal thing that happens now and then nothing to worry about....lets say it's the process.. I also need to put some computer time that is after I call Mayslake Peabody Estate to see what is happening with the workshop registration over there and if I need to send out an other eblast... marketing parts of the job here... No complaints just see what the next best thing is do to...

Yesterday I had wanted to walk in the woods but I made it to the park close by that is a mile all the way around... I managed 2 miles yesterday before I got the gut feeling I better stop as I couldn't feel my legs and almost slipped and would have landed on my behind... shook me up a bit... Got to face's a fear of mine. There is also another situation that I don't feel comfortable with there and that is every one walks in a counter clock wise way and I'm so use to walking clockwise in the woods that I felt odd doing it. Survived and grateful I did 2 miles and was out stimulating my body a bit... It's important as cabin fever can set in really fast...

so some good steal oats this morning and off to work in the studio.


  1. Your cat is supposed to walk counter clockwise. That is why they relax us so. Walking opposite may wake the muscles up at bit. Hearty.

  2. hmmm, interesting. anyway - be careful!


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