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Monday, March 16, 2020

A New Series has begun

This piece on a wood panel is Greater She-Bear.  Created much like the Snow Owl below 

"Snow Owl” 30 x 30 collage art on wood panel with 2” cradle sides.

Materials Used: Geological Survey maps, gesso, sewing machine stitching, Gloss medium, acrylic painted drawing paper, book page, old journal page, acrylic stained tissue paper, waxed book thread, India Ink on drawing paper, Never dull on magazines-flowers, printing on acrylic drawing paper, glazing with acrylic, wax pastel crayons, sealed with a layer of UV satin varnished.

Meaning behind the art: This piece was started back in November of 2019, after a visit in October to see my parents in Wisconsin. I had finished the bear and wanted to make an owl and being we were merging into the winter season how fitting to create an owl. Hooting season is November and December time. I’ve collaged a Great Horned Owl before but this time I would make a Snow Owl.  I found out the females have more black speckles the than the males.  With this information I look upon it as female. I had a stall of creating energy because I had heard my fathers was ailing and it might be soon that he would leave this planet earth. Owls have been in some Native American cultures’ as a symbol of death.  We have many Great Horned Owls stopping by in the wee hours of the night hooting. The meaning of the owl is about silent wisdom, nocturnal vision, magical healing powers. I also have the meadow mice at the bottom of the piece. There to remind us not to get so stuck in details and to step back and see the bigger picture. The Owls also means new beginnings, and to move forward. There is symbolism added in black stitches on the right side of the owl; Listen, Inner Peace and Acceptance.   The symbols with Green Moon mean Autonomy, the triangle shapes stand for Inspiration and the last one means Beyond.  My father passed on his birthday March 5th, the meaning of this means he’s made a natural cycle of his life and lived a good life for 78 years.  I finished this piece a day before he died.   The process of creating was a comforting for my hurt heart as I know the day was coming.  This piece will be filled with memories of him and his wisdom shared with me.

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