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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Creative Art Journaling class

I like to glue about four pages together first, this makes for sturdy substrate to work on, in this case we glue two section up with four page each then let it dry some and then draw out the house, tree or whatever shape you like. 
 I think they call them Dutch Doors...where the door has a two section and can be open on the top or just the bottom.  These page are simple shape that work like that.   We draw it out first then we were very careful not the cut the book of the shape off it has to stay attached to the page...Can you see how the tree is...look close.  I draw out some simple shape to show how and were the bottom should be and you draw a line where to cut.

 Most of us did the circle shape and cut it all the way out.  Then the next page underneath you off set it a bit and cut it so the shape of the circle will start to create a design as you layer the pages one after another.

 Can you see on the left side the circle shape design that is made with the off set?   And the leftover circles I  used and great a page...reminds me of a lock... Not sure what will end up but having a good time with making it.

 We has done some tip in page from last week and now the map I decided to push back the print and lines with a thin layer of gesso.
 Gesso was applied to this spread first then I let it dry and use a baby wipe and dabbed in the acrylic paint and rub over the pages. You can see the light and dark values of the orange.  Then we carved some small gum eraser stamps.  You see my heart.

 The gum eraser are very easy to cut into...you have to be careful not to cut yourself and they will crack and break away of there treated to roughly.   I sent everyone home to carve a few to use as we move along on the journal spreads.

Looks like a mess and that's just the process, but I painted the background a color of acrylics and then two other colors and dab some on the spread and sprayed it with water...then took some plastic wrap and smear the color together underneath then pick it up and set it back down a few time which is like monoprinting.  I torn from a magazine and glued the image in the area there and put some gesso around the edge of the image...let it dry and work back in this spread more next week. We got so much more to do yet....it's getting exciting.

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