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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

So I'm Number 4 in the Enneagram circle....

Today's little ditty shares this.... 

How can you bring your best to others today? Remember your virtue is Equanimity (emotional balance) which allows you to have your feelings without allowing them to get in the way of your relationship with others. (Understanding the Enneagram, 47)

How can you bring your best to others today?   

Emotional Balance....(big one for me)

The last three days....I've felt emotional out of balance, a combination of a few things kind of blow in and bent my emotions out of whack.   I wish I was stronger about stuff but I'm not at this point.  It makes it evident where I still a work in process about being able to not be attached.   When it evolves relationships with people it's always a touch one.  But when I'm in touch with myself first and in balance or ground it doesn't affect me.   

I didn't have the time to reenter to homestead land after workshop mode and well ground myself before getting emotional about something that isn't mine in the first place. 

Therapy time right....I was with a small group of women and some passionate language came out of me...along with a spillage of emotion.   Then I was talking with my dear, wholehearted friend I was still spilling about my bullsht....

I could be critical about my own behavior but when you sense it and you feel out of balance...then it's time to correct it your own behavior because that's the stuff you can change.  

So let it begin with me first... 

I've been going to a physical therapy to get my knee in shape...which I found out yesterday my knee has an issue but it's not where it started...instead it started with my toe and the corn that made me walk funny...then the side effect of that with walking with a dog that pulls and on the asphalt road....bam! you've got a knee issue.   Months go by and just festered into a full blown issue.   Grateful I when for X-ray and started taking care of myself..

as usually I trail off in my personal drama...that's what "4" do... but if your out of balance with one things...just one thing how it can affect so many other things.  Crazy town starts to happen and then your taking the crazy bus to emotional imbalance.   

So after spilling words then it's time to get physical and take action...I usually turn to walks in the woods but with knee I've got to tone that down...and I turn to creativity...

Taking an ideas and making it so is so Damn emPowering it blows me back into balance. 
I'm hoping to be back in to walking shape soon...just can't over do it. 

How can you bring your best to others today?   Know thyself,  and what are virtues?....behavior showing high moral standards. What is most important to me is having emotional balance...and I'm usually pretty good at self correcting... but I do have to have some sounding boards or place to let it rip and then regain composure.   Don't we all?  

When you let that stuff stay inside it eats you alive literally makes you physical sick...so rambles about life and how one deals with it all..

I miss my walks in the woods and the people I see there. but it will return and while that's not happening their is my PT exercises and Yoga...Morning pages and my support groups where I can spill words and then listen to experience of other and how they handle life.  

back to working on the poppies today...so excited about how they are turning out. Not done flowers before and a long tall one too. 

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