Thursday, December 06, 2018

Rambles of stuff that's been going on....

My four legged loyal souls,   They've been a bit more clingy lately...I question it, but I've not taking them for a walk in the last few days. But the really problem is the floor tile going down in the living room as it's take a while, not completes...its just go the space where they move around all in chaos. Hank the big black one, Gracie the rust color one. 

Here is something that happened a while back, It think before thanksgiving.  This piece is called Restoring Balance, I created it and exhibited it at the University Club, Chicago IL. (thanks to Judy S. for the exhibit opportunity)  back in I think sold.  What delight it was to have that happen.  Well I received an email from a gallery appraiser and wanting to know if this was my artwork and would I share what I offered it for sale for and any other info about it.  The piece is now in Canada and is needing appraisal for a woman's art collection, insurance.  I was blown away...just to know my piece is still out there hanging on a wall and is part of a woman's collection...An odd moment that I'm saying thank you too.  

 Small steps forward on a piece that has slowly been coming to life...I have to add the varnish coat on there before I assemblages the two parts together and add the hand made paper part in the middle of that...still some noodling on that one.  

Bathroom picture....I had to add one more piece of artwork to the wall,  The small clay colored piece about the assemblage box that is above the toilet.  

When you come out of the see this.... 

This piece which I had to make larger has a small bird bone in it.  A Ceramic artist friend of mine Cheri Johnson made this.   I saw it and thought it has to be in my bathroom with the photo of Carol Leigh's Toehee that was found decomposed so beautifully.  I love it all, the wabi sabi of life.. 

This piece was part of our collaborative project... 

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