Friday, October 05, 2018

My home for the next few's so cool

 I would love to have a sink like this in my studio space....but not sure if that will taking it all in as a blessing now...
 Wood steps to the stone ones.. a landing to look out over the first floor before the second.
 Sickle handle railing.

The little rubber duckies in the wall with a man in a boat tile. 

 The man Roland Sardeson, that created this space has since passed but the creative ways of doing things are all over the place.  Piece of this match with odd things makes it so playful. ( I plan on reading about it tonight before bed. )

 Love the exit door...with the flash light hanging.

My sleeping space...was wonderful sleeping here. 

 Boxes on the it as shelves.  I know I've seen this before but still love it.

 For the landing..first floor space.

Well time to eat breakfast and get that Creative Game Face excited...or had to much coffee...I think both.

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