Saturday, October 06, 2018

Scared and blown away...when I saw this,

As I wander around my surroundings last night, I spotted this book on the self.  I couldn't believe it...was this the book?  A story that I saw the movie of that hit me so deeply for all of humanity and such love.

There you have it...The Road with Viggo Mortensen, he's got another movie coming out...The Green Book..anyways it inspired this whole series of work... "Faceless People"  which all the pieces have sold.  But my inner most feelings were carried all the way through them.  

Then my horoscope this morning has a messages... My Daily what I like. 

Compassion is an unstoppable force and one that can potentially influence our lives in wonderful ways. It is the strength of our feelings that compels us to put aside our own needs in order to see that the needs of others are met. How we choose to react to this emotion-driven inspiration is less important than our choice to acknowledge and honor the empathy lodged in our hearts.

I created these piece out of fear of where we as human being our race might be headed...this is my greatest fear for all of us...My heart hangs so heavy for this planet and our survival...I know it sounds extremes but we are there in some areas of this planet with how we are treating it and the people and creature like they are  nothing...dehumanizing ourselves...what are we allowing. Stand up is right...There I said it  my greatest fear...and going to keep it pray now. 

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