Tuesday, October 09, 2018

From our Last days together...

Dramatic statements in side the shadow boxes with the images and colors. 

Some were able to pull two together...we made a larger selection of papers so we had some nice collage palettes. 

Making the choices about where the next level of collage will be. 

You can see the flower there from the above photo. 

 Our practice on process and technique of using the tack iron, glazing and shadowing.

 Arranging and bring it all together.

 Using photo's of loved one and dear four legged friends.

 Seeing how it all looks in the shadow box.

Learning to use the colors and and contrast.

As we complete our time together, 3 days..which seems like never enough...the foundation was laid out and the rest will come together. Painting the wood panel box or staining it might be a choice which will alter the look and presentation. 

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