Sunday, August 05, 2018

Therapy - repetitive tasks

The mundane keeps you sane....well that's what I heard, with the job transition...which is kind of stale mate for the husband...we are pulling creativity out...he's back into the home improvement between on line seat time of filling out application and waiting.. 

Using our time as wisely as we can....I have a collaborative project I said yes to...which doubt has slipped in that I'm trying to fight back with forward motion and trust.  
The challenge to make a book small came to me and I have all the materials to do so. 

This is a wood panel box 6 x 6 and it's turned around which you are seeing the back of it which I've created a shadow box for the teenytiny coptic stitch journals.  Darn I say I love them..."I Love Them"  And want to make more...but the paper cutting  for the signatures is the bear in this process.  

Trying our hardest to stay in hope and positive that something going to give and happen as of the husband finding a job...Right now I have work  and things lined up but it's never a guarantee, but so grateful it's been a blessing in this situation so far. 

A goal is to make about 25 of them...but I need to make some for the Collaborated if I can get on a paper cutting and folding frenzy I might be putting these up for sale....

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