Wednesday, July 18, 2018

So Proud of my Oldest....Movie "Wild" and Eco Dying

This is my Daughters Tent...set up for here second night of camp...on the way to Nova Scotia...She's doing well and this reminds of the move Wild..

ECO DYING  is what I'm taking on Tuesday Night for the next few weeks.  

 Sarah is our teacher and she is showing us how to place the plants, and blossom on the huge coffee filter and then you have to fold it up.  Here she's folding in some old rusty parts too.

 It's important to have it tight to the surface of the paper or material so it leaves the print of the plant shape on the surface.
This was my material that I was just making rows of stuff in set patter and rowing it up as I went. 

 My little dying bundles.  Randy my husband had some Rail Road spikes to use this helps as a mortal  for the printing process along with Alum is what was use with some Black Tea too.
The  Rust papers we did last week came out pretty cool and here they are...I am now coating them gloss medium to seal in the prints. But Sarah use Mat medium...but because I use gloss for my papers all the time with the tack iron I figure might as well prepare them.

Now this is the pot of hot water...not boiling but very hot and after the bundles are drop in Sarah puts a plate on top to weight them down so they don't float on want them to soak good for over night. We will see this Next Tuesday Night in Class what they looked like. 

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