Thursday, July 26, 2018

More Eco Dying and printing...

Sarah showed us how we might want to go back into some of the organic shapes made by the plants on the coffee filter papers and the rust and tea we did the first day in class.  Then giving the rust paper especially a coat of mat medium to seal in and stop any process fading etc.  

 Watercolor paper is wet down good,

 Watercolors are added as a wash in the background. 

 Leaves that lay flat work the best and some may need a bit more water on the back of them to get them to lay flat.  Then the more watercolors are added.

 Sample of watercolor plant printing. 

 Walnut dye is add and it soaks in around the leaf shapes. 

 Some white ink is add and mixes with the walnut dyes... kind of cool to watch the effects.

No they sit on the drying racks will we come in next Tuesday and take the leave off to see what happens.

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