Thursday, July 26, 2018

Integration Collage and Mixed Media

 12 x 12 white taped edges...acrylic paint rolled on with a sponge roller..and some stamping too. Working with blue and green and value of these colors.

 Some times I put a gestural line in before I roll on the acrylic but this time I put it in afterwards with a graphic crayon,  then I spray it with a workable fixative.

 Gave it a coat of gloss medium, let it dry and then started cutting my papers and arranging them covering over the gestural lines.  No worry I'll bring that line back in.

A bit of stenciling here and there and the I coated the stenciling with gloss medium...but I had to let the acrylic dry first. 

Came in with some white acrylic and pushed back the papers a bit and then did a glazing. 

Coated over the white areas with gloss medium and let it dry...then added more collage papers. 

Came back in with the graphic crayon and more collage papers, this time I seen the burnt orange in one of the papers and decided to bring that out and to the surface. Smeared some burnt orange acrylic at the top as a last minute thing. 

"Move to One Side" 
8 x 8 on watercolor paper.  
This is what I'll be teaching in a class at LaGrange Art League this Fall, Keep an eye open on their site, Soon the will be posting it. 

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