Saturday, July 28, 2018

Drumming Last Night, full moon, Lunar eclipse

All excited from the first thing in the morning. For what ever reason things hadn't lined up for past times, but this one last night did. 

Last minute call out some of my friends and neighbors to come on over and drumming under the full moon worked out.  Never know how the weather will be. 

In the tipi we weren't able to fit everyone after many rounds of drumming around the fire. though I was able to get a few photo's. Patty, Cheri, and Karen. 

Karen, documenting the event, Laura, and Robyn.  I had a nice Salt Lamp in there to illuminate inside of the tipi and symbol of the moon and keep the good energy going. 

Thanks to everyone that was able to come....lets do this again... 

The topic came out about retrograde and all the planet going in and out of it this year..

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