Thursday, July 19, 2018

Be Still....

Day 5 of this little personal challenge I'm assigning myself.  Working in gray scale or black and white, color scheme and in a sketchbook.  

After thinking about being still and about 5 pages in my journal of ramble, dumping, whining and then some wonderful gratitude I had a flood of ideas... every once in a while I get into the sugars and it makes me emotional a wreck...lets call it what it is, I fell off the wagon.  And then I have a bout of emo-coaster'ing and then get back in the wagon.  

Flood of ideas....

  1. paint my drums or start to paint them...I've got 4 from last year I had planned on painting. 
  2. use my scroll saw and cut out some smaller books for a class ideas..which that means I have to create a book, photograph the steps and write up a lesson plan...well I don't have to but Love to do it. 
  3. create a new house piece from this image..
  4. Create a new collage totem and photograph the steps for a class next year. 
  5. gather inspiration and stuff, plus photograph some steps for the another online class idea. 
  6. continue to create small journals for the Fall, Holiday sales etc... 
  7. and prepare description for more fall classes as I'll be teaching close to home between workshop that I travel and want to keep them going and make them different from each much to do.  

So as I've get on the pitty pot and then there's a time to flush and get off...enough whining about my lot in life....and get clean about my is much better, though harder when the cravings come...but so much better when I stay in the wagon called Life. 

Rambles I know, self Pep talks, re-adjustments what ever...I'm excited now.

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