Wednesday, June 20, 2018

With Summer comes a bit of reading....

This summer I've been reading a book called, The Girl who Sang to Buffalo's,   I've had the book for some times...I read one before it by the same author,  Neither Wolf nor Dog..which became a wonderful movie.  The same characters are in this book.

Author is Kent Nerburn

Some things hurt to much to talk openly about and I stay silent...but as reading the story of Yellow Bird, its bring things so present to the in humane way of treatment to the people all over the world...we keep repeating our same behavior expecting different results and believing in authority figures that are blowing garbage.

As of separating the children from the parents because they...government back then/and now believe human's are savages.  Well there is some truth that...but the one's pushing around authority are the savages.  This was repeat in my ways in our history...not going to go there. It just hurts to much.

Why are we afraid to do it a different way totally...No we will skirt around and make it look that way, still the same behavior...pitting human against humans...because of race or whatever seems not the same as...

Well my awareness has been awakened and I'm enjoying my summer reads and Kent Nerburn writing..


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