Friday, June 15, 2018

Trying out something New~

The past week I've been dabbling in a  place to show and sell my collage works on line. Though I post mostly weekly my tack down Tuesday's piece and put those up for sale I have works that are growing in the odds places around the house. So being I have one of the Square's for mobile sales I decided to check out the on line version of the process.

My oldest daughter informed me of many ways to do this, but this was a way I could pursue it on my own and manage it. Right now I seem to have many collage works on wood panels.  Lets say I had a few bins worth stacked up.

So this is the Link to Laura Lein-Svencner Collage Artist, On line Store.

So many places we can put our art up for all to see, our websites, our blogs and now these e-commencement site or if that's what they call them.  More that one has to keep track of sure, but it's kind of fun to see how it all works.

Yesterday I shared it on Facebook, because that what we can do these days is share everything and I had to small journal sell.  My first customers.  So it was great to see how it all worked.  When I send them out I can even sent a email invoice to the customer letting them know the tracking #'s etc.

Well time to get busy on things...

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