Tuesday, June 05, 2018

So where are we going with these papers?

Through out my teaching with this method of collage, it's always been about making a palette of papers.  You see Collage means to "Glue or Paste."   And what that is to us is an open book to creativity and tactile expression. 

This workshop I switched things up, we start with collage sketching sessions and explore the simple composition and expand on.  We did have some timed session...just so we don't stew to long and over think things....it's only a sketch. 

Yes only a sketch but so many choices, Adela, is in one of those moments of making a decision. 

These little sketches are my first one and showing them how to start off. 

After lunch we explore the surface of our sketchbooks in different ways...new palette of magazine papers and a long vertical and introducing Diagonal lines and directions...seems to be the hard one to work with in design...we want to give that line purpose...

This was yesterday...and now today we start the paper making process. Energy will be high and might today. And we will all sleep well tonight. 

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