Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Looking back, Inspiring creativity

In the Artists Way, Walking in this World book, Week 7 the task work ask a bunch of questions and then asks you to create a character of a culture you would like to imagine yourself in.  I woke up this morning and wanted to know more about Czechoslovakia, as I've been getting some emails from some one that wants to contact me to see if I'm related to a Davorak...which on the family stuff I have it says not sure but it had me pull out the papers and look at them and seen that my mothers father came from Bohemian  which is not any more and had me thinking...sometime is a dangerous but not this day...

I do have the pot of soup started and will get going on my day with an outfit that includes a skirt. 

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  1. Thanks Laura!
    You always remind me that an idea is the motor that produces art.
    You present personal information to communicate with your viewer in ways that are both aesthetically beautiful and spiritually meaningful.
    Keep up the fabulous work!


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