Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Creating differently, bring forth ideas, floating in my heart and head.

After cleaning the house....I took Gracie to the woods, the planned on finding a stick and found three of them. They happened to be Honeysuckle, I was looking for something that felt good in the hands and straight...The walk was so welcomed. Not much green going on but the sun was popping through and it presented a promise of green. 

I came home and cleaned the stick off sanded the ends and pulled out my boxes of stuff. Leather, bells, rabbit fur and thread.   

Sewing is a mundane task that is rhythmical and comforting. 

Happy its my artist way class I was to create so kind of creative totem...bells came to mind and off I went.  

Doing the same old same old day in day out...even through it's creative can become every once in a while I allow myself to let an idea like this see the day of light.  I wasn't sure how it was going to work out. 

I believe their called Sleigh bells or Jingle bell...

here's a quick one for the We'Folk....

Dowel Rods, pipe cleaners, and can wrap them down the rod further for more bell action. 


  1. I love your woo-woo stick, Laura! It's rather elegant.

  2. Thank you Billie...I plan to show it off at my Artist Way Class on Monday...I do love bells and chimes...


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