Saturday, April 14, 2018

Collage:Line and Simple Shape Class Student's work

 I showed the student's how to line up and fold the papers with a simple crease and then unfold and cut the folded lines so you have a magazine paper ready to glue down.

We are in the practice stage of this class,  Using inspiration for the three artist and copying them in our sketchbooks.  Getting a good feel for how they placed simple shapes and lines.  Allow in for the space between to be as important as the shapes themselves...gave a quick demo and this coming week we will start creating their own papers From found papers and drawing paper. The artist that we are inspired by in this class are Frank Lloyd Wright, Piet Mondrian, and Wassily Kandinsky,  I too am exploring these artist along with them.  Showing process work as it doesn't always work out the way you would and how can you fix it and continued exploration till you get to a place where you really start to understand. 

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