Sunday, March 11, 2018

With out the Ebbs there are no Flows

This the last two days to be honest I've had an attitude, just ask the husband.  I'm not proud of it and I have a few ideas of why or triggers that I've latched on to like they were the truth.  I can sit here now as I post  I'm grateful for them.  There are things one does in the job realm that make one reach out further then they would like.  It's not about doing something bad, it's more about swaying to far to one side and feeling disconnected.  I know that about myself and I'm grateful. Sometimes it's hard to stop yourself from doing you job so that you can go get spiritual and you/I stay in the hope of doing the next right thing...  And I have but I'm not feeling my strong spiritual connection that I would like.  So it's time to fill up the well for another round, daily I practice though there are trying time again not bad just character builders that can make you feel spent on all aspects...mind, body, spirit and emotional.  

So this year I activated for myself a few things to read to help one really  find out what is going on inside.  Here is my Medicine Wheel aspect on self help. Four Directions   After morning pages and whining my little child out....I started to read this about the animals...and working through my own thoughts with the enlightening that is brought forth. 

There is awareness, Love your self, Slow Down, Quiet Time and see the abundance and gratitude and may I add a Thank You Prayer... Inner turbulence with outer influences and being a bit out of balance can spin me right out of the heart space.  

~Life is art and Art is's also Good~  
without my personal journey I have nothing to express in the world as I see it and understand it. 

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