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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Understanding and Learning....

Let me not go stale but let me learn with a natural flow.....

Yesterday in the Walking in this World Class I'm leading the experience of the The Circle Way has been implicated with the book by Julia Cameron.  My concern as a teacher, facilitator of sorts that when working with larger groups of people, how can we be heard, and belong.   So my search lead me to this book, The Circle Way- Leaders in Every Chair, Amazing how into our 4 week together what is being shared and how it's working.

and in Julia's book the words ring true to me...Artists are Cultural Healers.  Not that I want this little post to go out in a lot of directions just a few though...I found another post about this topic from the Creativity Post.   Artists as Healers....  I've known for a long time how I grow with my art and how I work through life issue with the help of being creative...I'm in awe..

Then I'm looking at my next two months of simple intuitive guidance from my vision board and the work Resilience is plan as day...

The moon, the house image, the door way which I've not gotten answer yet.  The image of the ceramic hands and how each one is holding a different item and I'm sure a story...that I get all the people in my circle of life and their personal story...can I hold space for them?  The color of orange...the soft blue and the lime green with the black...oh I so do love that combination.

so to share about resilience I stumble upon this link....The Road to Resilience  

When information comes in at me like this....I feel blessed, and I know it's time to grow again..

enjoy the articles and let me know how you feel....

Art is life and Life it art...
Are Artists Cultural Healers?...can we help with resilience being we have great experience at it? 

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