Friday, March 16, 2018

LaGrange Art League-Studio Room Ready Ground 0 into Day 1

the old wood floors....with splatters of paint and cracks that gather bits and piece from every class that enters. 

 Space around everyone will have plastic floor covering so we can place our collage papers down to dry...there will be palette made.

When I was setting this up I thought, Wow this room is small and then I comforted but the way it use to be when I was teaching here all the time...the many joyful faces that came to learn collage and play around with the papers surface...most have moved on to explore other art mediums and some like to keep coming back....they have turned into some great artists. 

I set the room up so people can get up and move around especially for the plastic floor covers and so they can see each other then the backs of each other heads...though there will be two in the middle. 

The studio space is on the second floor and it's been a while since I've climbed those stairs....after I was done I though I should go to Swallow Cliff - a steep 100 ft bluff with stairs to climb.  It use to be a toboggan hill when I was growing up...but I don't think I could make it but it was a good start on preparing for it...I think I had about 10 to 12 trips up to bring in supplies.  I packed lighter as I'm getting older and it puts some stress on my hips and knees.  All Good and Ready to Go. 

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