Sunday, March 25, 2018

Home from a weekend road trip

 My annual stacking rock event in door county was limited to what rocks were not under ice or frozen to each other.  So while at Cave Point, I took a moment on a windy day to make a stacking of rocks. It wasn't what I wanted but it got to do it and take a few photo's of it so it made me happy.

 Sunny morning on Saturday, we drove up to North Port and on the way in Ephraim we stopped at the Anderson Boat house where many boats would come in and dock.  more info here. Hardy Gallery  had the oldest snap a photo of me there...wind were blowing and it was very cold but we had to get out and look around.

 We or I did a lot of laughing and being goofy with my two oldest...made the heart feel good and the eyes were watering all the time. Many from laughing to hard or the wind.

There were many times I did a U turn in the middle of the street..which surprise the heck out my girls, but traffic was so light it was safe to do...Just had to get a photo of this road side attraction. 

A much needed get away and not back to work on Monday...

Here's a link from my Daughter Stevie's photo file. 


  1. I am jealous! Haven't headed north since last fall, but hope to get there mid April, and for sure for my aunt's 90th birthday party the first weekend of May. Don't you love Cave Point in winter?

    1. Wish you a good visit up there Sherry, Yes been to the Cave point a few times now...but we walked the beach this time even though it was cold...just need to be out side and walking, fresh air and exciting.


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