Thursday, March 01, 2018

Exploring new images...

This is so wild and wonderful,  I've been struggling for some balance with all the good things going on and I have to admit I was spinning plates...though I kept telling myself that it would soon pass and there would be time to breath...Be it the foods I was eating, or the level of stress I was under...and only the Great Spirit really knows was going on with my body and pains...but this morning with the new month and the Full moon I become resilience in my own life.  I did yoga after a month off and I'm so grateful I did...just sitting legs crossed last month I was beginning to wonder if I was aging way to fast.  As I took a bit more time this morning in my morning pages and working with the Walking in the World book of Julia Cameron....things are starting to smooth out..

I went on a interview for a possible workshop Job and well things went well the time of the workshop is a different story...that may not work out for this May...and Summer is out so that leaves October. Waiting to hear back...I've also turned done a online presences that filled the ego but would be so stressful and not where I'm head...funny thing is I'm not sure I know where I'm head..but it isn't there. This is all good stuff to sort though and truly is about knowing myself and trusting in a bigger picture. 

Well much to do, so off and on with life. 

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