Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Not a pretty sight~

On Sunday at the MCS Board meeting I came in through the door and the paper that was holding the door lock from locking fell to the ground.  Silly me bent over to pick it up with the my Yeti cup full of hot tea that spilled on my hand that was in a glove...I just made the tea and ran out the door for the meeting...fresh from the tea kettle.  Well I couldn't get my glove off right away because I needed to get to a table to set everything down and then pull off the glove...Shit,  burned myself good.  Not the bluster is release and the skin is coming off and starting to heal some...painful...but I was lucking Nancy C. had a cold pack that I could put on it while I was sitting through the meeting to help the pain.  My ring was on and the body swells up now and then when I eat breads which I had pizza the night before so that's why it looks like my thumb has a line there... and because of the swelling of the burn above the ring area. 


  1. Oh, Laura, I'm so sorry this happened to you. I've been there (burn on oven door). Heal well and soon.

  2. Oooooer....poor you...definitely painful.

    1. I just realize in my vision board there were these image of hands and I wonder why....might need to be more aware of these tools attached to my body.

  3. Dear Laura, get some honey onto it, kills bacteria, creates a 2nd skin and encourages new skin to grow, it really does work. love your posts


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