Sunday, February 04, 2018

Creating the new palette

This is the collage sketch did a while back around July I think of long a go it seems. When I looked a the papers that I got from some magazine and use for the sketch I don't stop and think about how I'll make them or duplicate them for the needs of applying them to wood panels, or watercolor paper. 

I use a brush that was connected to the end of small bottle...Brush Applicator Bottle   and in the bottle I used the Golden's Gloss medium.  The medium will become a resist as it seals in the area and doesn't let anything soak in...I needed some that would spread an even line across an 18 x 24 sheet of drawing paper.  When it was dry, actually went to see the movie The Post, which by the was great... I mixed Black acrylic paint with retarder medium so I could wipe it off the area where the gloss medium was....I use this method of resist with gesso or the gloss medium a lot in my other papers I make but this time I needed the lines to be a good sturdy presence all the way through.  Wasn't sure how it would look, I'm happy with it and got it coated and ready to move on to more paper palette making.

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