Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Instructional Guide-Learn the basics of Design with Collage

Gathering all you supplies 

Arrangement assignment 

Making personal notes....

Working with Value and the orientation of Vertical and Horizontal composition.

Working with size

Getting ready for color study.... 

I re posted this all because I wanted to share with out all the other messy bit of life going on...so from a few days ago...she shared how she is working with my book and how excited she is about go back to the basics of design...She's had to put this part of her life on hold till it was time....and now it is time...she is sharing her journey with me and has given me permission share it here on the blog...Thank You Lorraine, My dearest friend, art soul buddy for life...

This assignment was about how to use color, picking three colors to work with and the amount of the colors and how it can show dominance in your work. 

Here she's is working with value...and the value in gray and in color. Love her notes!!! 

The making of our your own color wheel and using all the colors playful in a collage sketch...I miss our times together sharing this awesome information....Lorraine is an Art Teacher and was a head of an art department in Georgia a while ago...so this has been a union of what she knows, has taught and reinforcing it all as a wonderful base to start from. 

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  1. Thank you, Laura and Lorraine for sharing these wonderful works with us. It's such a good reminder. I really appreciate your kindness.
    Kind greetings from Austria!

  2. Laura, I'm excited to see you have written a book about composition with collage! I have always thought collage was the best and easiest way to teach design, and often used it with the students when I taught art in the public schools. Your student's work looks great!

    1. Hi Sharmon, Thanks for visiting the blog today, loving your work too, http://sharmond.blogspot.com/ I will share your blog with everyone here. I'll make sure I let Lorraine know you like what's she's doing...


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