Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Post-Collage and Spirit Animal Class photo's

 Kennette's collages, Her Spirit Animal was the Dog,

 Evelyn's Spirit Animals were Elephant, bear, owl, crow/raven and I think a camel.

 Nancy S. stated with the Tiger and exploring the same pose but with different papers and back ground.
 Nancy C. has picked the Owl for a Spirit Animal.
 Judy was having great fun with the Squirrel as her spirit animals.

 This is Laury's Wren or was it a Gold Finch....I think the Gold Finch.

 Kathy's She Wolf Howling away,

 Sandy's spirit animal was a rabbit...not a bunny...a rabbit she said.

 Bonnie's Spirit animals were the Dolphin's

Nancy C. edges all clean and cut off.

This was a fun class I can see them exploring the animals's more.  The hardest parts were the cutting of the Stencils....the tool they have out there for sale are the best for it and Older hands have a hard time using a knife. But we all managed.

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