Thursday, December 28, 2017

On a path to know my heart~

To be consistent, I need to know what I believe....gain clarity. Such clear understanding helps me be consistent in what I think, say, and do and sustains my serenity.

We intend to be kind and tolerant, but some uncontrollable impulse changes our attitude into something we later find ourselves regretting. We intend to accomplish so much, but unless we start out with a realistic estimate of what we are capable of doing, we fall far short of our expectations.

My intentions are good. When I do not fulfill them, I am disappointed; I may even be weighed down by a sense of guilt. How can I avoid this? I will try to clarify my intentions, decide what I really mean to do, say and accomplish. This will help me keep my life on a satisfactory, productive course.

These words above are from meditation book I read....

It's that time a year when I seek Good Orderly Direction for the New Year...I don't do it just at the begin there seems to be a few other times through out the year.  It's kind of like pulling out the map  to see if you're still on the right path.

There are three questions, (which I've probably posted up here many times already, with my attention span trying to cover way too many things I could have, though these questions become a stop sign or ground post.)

Who am I?
Why am I here?
Where am I going?

Comment from an Elder I know... We live in a wold of flux and it is easy to be knocked off balance. but after we have done the groundwork to answer these three questions and can answer them succinctly we are now on a good solid foundation from which to move forward. Think on these questions. Make attempts to answer these three questions as part of your periodic checkups from the neck up. You will find for the most part that once you are able to answer these three questions even if the upheavals of Life knock you off balance you have a good sense of where you can find that balance again.

The Call to answers is upon me this morning....But the answers may have started in the head as you can read but ended up for me from the heart.

Who am I?  First thing that comes to mind is A Woman, Mother,  Wife, Artist, Dog Walker...a list starts to grow....but I don't think this is what the question is asking.

I am one that feels deeply and doesn't always know how to handle her feelings.
I am one who has a big heart and doesn't know how to use it correctly without feeling hurt and vulnerable most of the time.
I am one who enjoys working and being creative with her hands.
I am one to enjoy laughter.
I am one who wish all to express peace and know of a good spirit.
I am one that doesn't like to see world destruction as it is now.
I am one that likes some order and a bit of disorder too.
I am one that slowly faces her fears.
I am one that does heavy soulful thinking and dreaming.
I am one that is part of a larger whole.

Why am I here?

I am here to be part of an earthly cycle
I am here to share learned experiences
I am here to witness the beauty of another generation.
I am here to inspire others to be open to themselves and all their messy bits.
I am here to share my love though it becomes guarded at times, a life process
I am here because I am useful to a greater spirit this way.

Where am I going?

I am on a path of greater acceptance of self and others.
I am on a path of fuller awareness.
I am on a path of shared experiences
I am on a path of a good life
I am on a path yet explored seeking new experience.
I am on a path of introspection.
I am on a path to live a more peaceful, simpler and serene life.
I am on a path know my heart.


  1. Where am I going? - to buy more glue! LOL. Seriously, love your blog.

    1. Too funny...I'm now buying leather paint for the four drums I want to paint...Thanks for stopping by there Corgi Feet.

  2. As always, I enjoy you wisdom. when you share it... I listen fully and deeply! Thanks for being YOU!

    1. Oh Teresa...that means a lot coming from you...(hands in prayer you~)


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