Wednesday, December 20, 2017

it came yesterday....

Been in the works for over a year and I had one printed off....a bit expensive to have one done verses 50 extra...but I wanted to see it in my hands and to edit it another time.  

If anyone took my on line class, it was the first class, and basic but so very important in art making process.  Understand the elements and principle to making a good composition. Personally myself I find it a life journey.  After the hands on with each sketchbook assignment The continual doing or  practice is what is need to carry on. 
I feel it with the writing experience here...again and again I'm editing my words and trying to understand what I that the concept comes across as I would like. 

Post notes are on each page...fine tuning...My long term goal is to make a few of these and then they can be used as an at home lesson.  That's what I did with Creative Collage Techniques and Collage Techniques books, page by page I did the assignments or created assignments out of what I seen and read. 

These two became my bibles for collage. I look back now and wonder how did I stick to something so long...usually my attention get's caught on something else that flies by and I'm off doing it.  I always think back who would have known that being asked to do the 3rd grade bulletin board would have hooked me for a lifetime. 

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