Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Choices, decision making in life and art

One of the observation as an instructor I encounter is helping people make choices, committing to a decision.  When did it happen,  that we lost the journey about learning?

Here's something I read this morning....Because decision-making is a self correcting process, I can use any mistakes I make along the way to eventually guide me in the right direction. Even if I decide myself into a corner, I'm not alone. I have higher intuitive inspiration with me everywhere I go.

There are some things in life that only allow you a black and white choice to an end result. But the experience I have had is the shades of gray... and I don't mean that kind of shades of

Here's a Ted Talk to get you thinking about choice....

Do we allow ourselves the time to react to the choices we make?

And the choices we make in art will it express the emotions and statement we so passionately want share.

So in art....there are some guidelines to a process...but within that process there are a million choices and how those choices will be expressed and stand out is the personal side of things I believe. 

So in my search for personal understand or digging deeper about this...I found this-Making Choices MOMA  This is bit long and you may not have time to read it all...even I wasn't able but to look back at the other artist and how they were effect....with their life around them they reacted in so many ways and pushed the visual era....

In process with the art making that I do and teach...I've found a way to help myself make mistakes and react to them...kind of safety net or a grace moment.  And why I say grace moment is when I bring to the surface of any drawing or paint materials to the already many layers(paper, acrylics) I have layer of Gloss medium. That layer is like a protective layer and all mediums brought to the surface as to be air dried or spray with an fixative to keep it permanent.  Thought when first applying even drawing media the process is experimental and the line I draw may not be in the right place, I then can quickly wipe it off and try again. So in the choice making of this style of art making it encourages to you to try again because of the quick moment of choice and grace of the surface and the materials get to make a mark, add more paint and if you don't like that first choice you can wipe it off.    

This many not be the process your use to out in the world...or with other art mediums but it is a way of learning to react and understand the choices you make and quite possible why.  

"Art is a combination of the outer and inner of life brought together in connections to the world as we individually see to a surface for other to relate and understand."

In making a choice...I went through my sketches I did a while back and for the next in my series of works...I will work with this sketch...need to make the papers now....

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