Friday, November 03, 2017

You know what you need to do...So Do It !

 This morning words of wisdom...Gemini Horoscope, My daily Om....

When we begin to feel the need for quiet time alone, it can be a sign that we feel disconnected and need to get in touch with our inner selves. Taking time to allow our thoughts free reign can help us to work through issues, determine a new direction for our lives, or find our personal equilibrium. We then feel more connected, aware, and in tune with the rhythm of life, which helps us be more present in life. Grant yourself the gift of quiet reflection today, and you can reconnect with yourself and acquire a fresh perspective.

With out even ready my horoscope this morning I knew what I needed and that is so true, personal Equilibrium and rhythm of life....when I walk in the woods it takes me about 1/3 of the way around the path that I walk and then I feel it the way the arm swing and the legs's me yes this is who I am and how I walk, breath, see and hear....and I get all excited...or is it the endorphin's kicking in...any way today is a day to reconnect to me. 

Taking my four legged friends to the dog park early where we can let it out and run...well they will do the running and I will watch in awe of their wondrous bodies as the met and greet every other four legged ones  

 Then I plan on an Breakfast date with myself at our local Whole foods and sit with my Artists Way book and read and eat...for next weeks Class....home then to do some homesteading....or care of the home....

if all goes well I might get up to the studio too and get going on a piece of art. 

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