Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Play leads to some serious creative play....Happy camper

This is one of the sketches I did a while back...and actually it's the second one...called-Verbal Statement. you can see the paper black in the background with the white lines...just so happens with birthday's etc...a black gift back was gifted my way. I was so happy to be have it today I made it in to collage paper. 

Shinny I know but ready to go for the wood panel it's going on. 

I think this panel is a 12 x 48...Tape measure?  Yes sirree it is....and after working this design composition in a square it's time to stretch it out a instead of the word No I'm using the red paper I made  with some gestural marks on it.  I've got a image transfer to put in and I'm kind of excited to do it...crossing figures it works out. 

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