Sunday, October 29, 2017

This Weekend So Far~

 Starline Gallery out in Harvard IL is a road trip. So grateful the Husband is willing to come with me. Because after a certain hour I don't do well driving...perception gets all messed up with lights and stuff...Eye's are going, yikes. Here I'm standing next to one of my piece that was excepted. Spiritual Knowing.
"Spiritual Knowing"  Collage on wood panel
 with a healing red circle and horse hair hanging.  
18 x 18 
Where my mind was when I created this piece....
Walking…walking, looking and listening. Self-talk was “get the body moving,” “get out of your head and into your heart of personal rhythm, restore balance with your life.”  That place of balance that I continuously seek comes from a place of knowing what you need to do and doing daily. 

 The evening is a Wonderful Event for all...the bands, music food, drink and most important the amount of people that come from all over the place to be part of this event.  It truly is a testament of the hard work, love and dedication of the people that are part of Nancy Merklings team. 

 Collision Course, 8 x 8 matted and frame to 12 x 12
In heaviness of the state of affairs the controversy threaded itself into our family conversations. My feelings, imagination and reactive emotions lean into a major collision course. Believing this can’t be true and trusting in the human race that we will chose the Red Road not the Black one.

 Sold during the October 4th Friday Event...what a surprise that was.  

Yesterday morning we both woke up hungry and decided to out to breakfast together. Just the Husband and I....(being we live with many in this house) We picked Honey Jams.  I usually don't go out for breakfast...I know what happens to Me...I get to full and want to do nothing which did happen but it made the husband happy that I wanted to go out with him for breakfast.  I usually am out walking the dogs this early...I love to be out and about to great the morning as the sun comes up.  Generation of Farmers and one car that was used when I was little that my parents shared so we Kido's, Tina and I at that time,  were up early taking the ride to drop off dad at work. 

So after the food coma passed I got busy working the journals I wanted to have done....Happy to say I've completed the small ones, these are about 4" x 6" in size...10 of them...Yesterday I made 5 of them  and spent the afternoon going into the evening stitching them together.  I do enjoy doing this while I watch a movie...which is what we did together....Randy and I had a day off and vegged in front of the TV....good to do now and then.  We are both active creative souls and we wouldn't last long doing that kind of behavior...couch not in the vocabulary for growing old together.  

Well no breakfast together this morning...we fend for our selves....I'm out to walk the dogs...and great the one that it is, I do love this weather in the fall. Keep ears open and looking to the skies though...haven't seen the cranes pass over yet.  

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