Thursday, October 05, 2017

Tending to our self first

A while back I had the opportunity to be in a yoga session with Kimberly Kitlica as she guided us through the yoga movements I was transcended into a gentle, peaceful place with in myself.  Yoga has a way of doing that alone but when I listened to Kimberly voice and the words she used I knew I was where I needed to be, in serenity.  The idea of this retreat came to me through a few other conversation with some friends and the need to continue to be positive and witness the good intentions in my lives.   All kinds of way are available, walking in nature, journal writing, going to church, praying, creating music, writing poetry, painting, cooking,  and working with our hands.  When we use our hands in ways like this we can allow emotional feelings of joy and love to spreads out and beyond us.   From my experience we connect the inner and outer  parts of ourselves that others can relate to.  Taking the time to honor self care in this way is a gift to ourselves and those we come in contact with.

As we moving further into the season of full harvest, rich smells, warm hearts and family, our lives can get a bit busy and we lose site of self care and give till we drop.  Start the season off with a bit of self care first.

We are very excited and would love for you to join us for this day long retreat at this beautiful mansion- Mayslake Peabody Estate, in Oak Brook IL. Call to register, (630)206-9566  (small supply list is available)

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