Monday, October 02, 2017

In 10 Days, from that to this~

 Outside the bathroom wall...walk way to the kitchen and up stairs. 

 Darn laundry basket....need more closet, but the little hallway to our bedroom..

 again the old bathroom...tub gone already.

 Gift of a dumpster..
 And we/He begins...

 While living in the home when doing rehab...there some areas that can cause problems...still being hooked up to things and keeping them sweet talking going on...

 Cleaning a ceiling section before it hit the floor trying to save on the dust and crud...

 Old area were the toilet was...really who wants to see this...well it's process.

 All walls down and ready for the floor space to one day.

 Thermostat hanging from the old but new bedroom door soon..

 All excited for space but to excited this really didn't fit well so back to goodwill the green chair went. Was a good deal for $20.00

 He...the tired man completed a task so big it's truly he was cleaning things up and loading the last for the dumpster I was making it look nice again...

 Hank was back on our bed sleeping and Grace was wandering around in the space...

 From the front door looking in to the kitchen in the back...

 Where the old bathroom was and the you can see the new bathroom..

And a look from our bedroom out...

Thank you God ...and Thank you husband for your love and're truly a man of many talents and one of perseverance.

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  1. Looks terrific, Laura. Beautiful space. And I must say, Randy is one hell of a guy to be able to do all this, and to do it so well. And to look so good doing it! Hubba hubba! :-)


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